Avela Home Service sponsors minibus to support young people in South Liverpool


Published: 7 January 2020

Avela Home Service is helping to transform the lives of young people in South Liverpool by funding a minibus that will help give them access to education provision in Garston.

Avela Home Service gifted £5,000 towards the ‘Mobilise’ project which is being used to transport young people to Employability Solutions, an alternative education and pre-employment provision in Garston.

Mobilise enables young people, who are socially excluded or struggling with travel, easier access to the life-enriching facilities at Employability Solutions by picking them up and dropping them off at home.  It’s already starting to have a huge impact, the average attendance has gone up from 46% to 79% since the minibus has been in operation after the October half term. 

Avela Home Service is delighted to support this community project which will provide over 100 journeys each year to students who rely on it to access the provision on offer.

Gerard McEvoy, Head of Avela Home Service said: “Creating opportunities for the local community is an important part of what we do and we are delighted to be able to support this inspiring project in Garston.”

“Employability Solutions is an amazing organisation that is transforming the lives of vulnerable people in South Liverpool by offering them an alternative route to education. Offering our financial support to this project aligns with everything we do, helping to build resilient communities in the area where we work.”

Employability Solutions was founded in 2012 and offers education programmes that are flexible, individually-tailored and give young people the opportunity to explore a range of vocational pathways which set them up for their future. 

Claire Cook, Chief Executive at Employability Solutions said: “This funding enables us to break down barriers that prevent some young people from accessing education while at the same time, opening up a world of new possibilities for those attending school.”

“Mobilise means we are now able take the students out and about, transporting them safely around the community, our City and further afield to enhance their learning experiences.”

“Mobilise is not just a minibus though,” continued Claire. “The funding made possible by Avela Home Service and Onward Homes means we can offer training and volunteering opportunities to drivers in our community that want to support us to transform young lives and build a resilient community.”